Counseling and Psychotherapy

No Man is an Island

We all know the saying "No man is an island" taken from the poem by John Donne. Often times, even if we have loved ones who care, they may not understand our needs when we are struggling through transitions, conflicts, or losses. We may come to feel overburdened, and alone. This is all the more difficult and painful when we have no one close to us in our lives.

When we talk to a trained person who listens with attunement, is objective, reflective, and knowledgeable, we usually find new ways of experiencing ourselves, our relationships, and our lives, our world.

The positive therapeutic encounter is founded on an equal partnership of trust, confidentiality, and mutual feedback. Being honest is the first step toward the changes we want and need.

The therapist often varies their role in therapy; so-- I may be a "mirror", a "team" partner, a guide, a mentor, and even a teacher. Through this process I consider each person's individual perspective and personality.

In counseling/psychotherapy sessions, according to need, I may be quite direct and interactive with my clients, analytical, simply reflective, or I may quietly, deeply listen to them and their experience.

Periodically I check in with my clients asking to them to assess how they feel about the counseling process. This is crucial to making sure our alliance is strong, and that we are "in sync" with each other about the direction and progress of the counseling.