How Often to Meet & for How Long a Period?

    I have found that regular appointment times usually work best for both my clients and for myself.
    I recommend seeing clients once a week as this provides for continuity and consistency, especially in  the initial sessions.
    For reasons particular to them, some clients may wish to be seen more often, and others less often.
    I see clients for short, medium, and long term counseling.
    Clients are usually very aware of what they need and want regarding when to terminate counseling.


What about the Fee and Payment?

      The fee varies depending on the length of the session. (100-150 dollars)
    Sessions are usually 55-60 minutes in length for individuals, and 80-85 minutes for couples (individuals may also be seen for 80-85 minutes at times). 
    Longer sessions are prorated.
    Payment is made at the time of the session.
    More detailed information may be obtained by contacting me.
    I welcome calls about my fees.



I  have minimized my involvement with the insurance industry due to their frequent lack of regard for the client's privacy, confidentiality, choice of counselor, and autonomy in the counseling process.

I do not involve myself in submitting claims for insurance reimbursement. This in no way prevents clients who are insured for "out of network" providers from submitting claims on their own behalf,  with the billing receipt that I provide in such situations.

Health insurance plans which:

a) cover outpatient counseling with properly licensed mental health practitioners,

b) give clients the option of choosing their "provider", free and clear, without restrictions (called "out of network providers"),

c) are based in this state,

often accept claims for reimbursement of counseling sessions with me (subject to their deductibles and such of course).

They usually require minimal information from counselors about clients prior to reimbursement of a claim (such as a valid diagnosis by the counselor, along with the dates, and types of service). However, some insurances are very intrusive in requiring enormous and frequent confidential information from the therapist-- this is problematic.

If you want to use your insurance:

   - It is important to be fully informed about your insurance, this often requires persistence, time and patience.
   -Be sure to verify your coverage ahead of time.

    I can often be of help to those interested in counseling with me, who feel confused by their insurance, by pointing to clear questions to ask their insurer.

I am not a Medicare or Medicaid provider.