I specialize in seeing adults of all ages, individually or as couples.
    Through both training and experience, I am experienced with a wide range of issues and people.

    Some of the specific issues I see the most are Depression, Low Self Esteem, Anxiety, Relationship Difficulties, Couple Conflicts & Dissatisfaction, Grief and Loss, Stress, Adjustment Problems, Illness, Life Changes, Emotionality, Addiction Recovery.

    I do not believe people are defined by a diagnosis, but rather that each person needs to be seen as an individual, even while recognizing similarities between people struggling with similar issues.

    Because I seek the best for my clients, I do not hesitate to discuss alternative counseling approaches when they exist.
    I will suggest referrals for my clients to other professionals if they need additional help or if we are not progressing in a way that is beneficial to them.




Over my years as a therapist I have encountered many struggles in the clients who seek me out. I have found that there are themes to these struggles and the healthy movements that accompany them. I have laid them out below in a simple format, as some may find this helpful:

Major life changes/decisions~
Mobilizing, planning, and acting.

Illness--chronic or acute~
Rethinking one's purpose.

Interpersonal relationship difficulty and pain~
Flexing for closeness, drift, and distance.

Attunement and intimacy~
Seeking a deeper joining capacity of spirit and self.

Loss, grief, sorrow~
Nurturing the soul into strength.

Stress, stress, stress~
Balancing or adapting to the "unbalanceable".

Alienation, emptiness, disconnectedness~
Finding meaning, belonging, and worth.

No sense of direction~
Mapping old and new paths.

Emotional intensity, instability, or mutedness~
Inventing dialogues with depression, anxiety, anger.

Living in the past~
Healing toward rewriting one's present and future (trauma, abuse, other...).

Out-of-control experiences~
Finding freedom from obsessions, compulsions, and addictions, and more.

Unfair prejudice~
Defining oneself and systems truthfully, holding firm, and pressing forward.